Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Yarnporium Stash

I completely forgot to post my purchases from Yarnporium! So without further ado:

Lay Family Yarn 4 ply in the 4th Earl colourway

The rest of the yarns are all from Debonnaire Yarns. Erica who owns Debonnaire was there on the day. When she spotted me trying to match different blues, she sat next to me on the floor and pulled out a whole spectrum of blues from her stall including from pre-packed mini sets. Despite how busy everything was around us, she took the time to help me choose the perfect yarn for a project. Thank you Erica!

Why blue? Because it's the main colour for my best friend's wedding and I want to knit her a shawl as a physical memory from the day. I'm planning to knit the Iara Shawl by Renée Callahan of East London Knits. It caught my eye because of the detailing between the colour changes in the shawl. Link to Ravelry here.

They all have sparkles! I'm not sure if I have got all the blues I want with the grey yarn as the edging. I may swap the dark blue minis for a lighter colour that matches the wedding colours more closely. The white and grey with speckles of orange yarn is going to be a hat, possibly for a Christmas present.

Did you go to Yarnporium?

Have a great week, Charlotte and Harvey x

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