Friday 7 August 2015

How to wind a bobbin

Once you've threaded your sewing machine (Click here for the tutorial), the next step is to wind a bobbin. There are two options for this in terms of thread - either match your top thread and fabric so it blends in or put a different coloured thread on your bobbin for a subtle contrast. 

1. Find a bobbin to wind your thread around. Most sewing machines usually have a few supplied with them when they're bought. 

2. Place your chosen reel of thread on the metal shank on the top of the machine as highlighted in the pictures below. The shank can be pulled upwards to supply a more stable place to put your reel. 

3. Loop the thread around the metal circle on the top of the machine.

4. Push the thread through the hole in the top of the bobbin and place the bobbin on the metal shank closest to the front of the machine.

5. Push the bobbin towards the white plastic thread stopper on the right hand side. 

6. On the side of the sewing machine is a big wheel which is used to manually move the needle up and down. Pull this out until you hear a click. This will stop the needle moving while you wind the bobbin. 

7. Hold the top of the thread to prevent it tangling and press down on the presser foot to start winding your bobbin. 

8. When the bobbin is full, release the pressure foot. Push the bobbin away from the thread stopper and cut the thread. 

9. Your bobbin is ready to use!

Thursday 6 August 2015

How to thread a sewing machine

Threading a sewing a machine is a simple but essential part of getting started with machine sewing. Below is a step by step guide on how to do so:

1. Choose the thread you would like to use for sewing. Place it on the metal rod on the top of the machine. There should be a slight 'click' as the reel is pushed into place.

2. On most machines the route the thread needs to take is usually numbered on the side of the machine but not always. 

3. Place the thread through the metal hook on the top of the machine and down the slot next to it which runs down the side of the machine.

4. At the bottom of the slot, allow the thread to curve around the plastic where is is marked with a '2' and a curving arrow and bring the thread back up to the top of the machine. 

5. At the point marked '3', wind the thread around in a U shape which will hook it around the metal hook that moves up and down through the hole labelled '3'. 

6. Lead the thread back down towards the needle. Underneath there will be another metal hook labelled '4', thread through this.

7. Thread through the needle, ensuring the thread is pulled through from the front to the back as shown.

8. Place the thread through the foot and off to the side to ensure its out of the way when you start sewing.