Friday, 9 November 2018

On my needles

It has been a busy week at work but now I am on day one of five days off! Knit time!

Today I am planning to work on the Jaycee cardigan for my Mum and a cable hat for my boyfriend from Interweave Knits Holiday 2016.

This has been my progress on the Jaycee for the past two weeks:

10.5 cm last week and 13.5 cm the week before. Getting there! The yarn is pleasant to work with as its 100% wool and isn't too slippy. It has good stitch definition as seen at the collar in a previous post (here). The yarn is Darnie by Studio Donegal.

Will's hat was cast on a week or two ago but not really touched since then. It looks more like a collar than a hat at the moment.

I'm using the same acrylic yarn I bought from Hobbycraft I used for the matching scarf. Its very soft and machine washable. Will is very knit-worthy but also isn't someone who would remember to handwash a knitted item. So anything that can be thrown in the washing machine is perfect. The finished hat will hopefully look like this:

Photo credit: Interweave Knit Holidays 2016
The Interweave magazine doesn't have written instructions, just a chart. This was ok for the scarf although that only required two repeats unlike the hat. I think this might require a bit of concentration!

These are two of my planned Christmas knits. I say planned... I might need to write a list.

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