Wednesday 26 April 2017

Why so serious?

Hola! I hope this post finds you well! I'm only three days into the new term and I am already missing the holidays. I am fully immersed into dissertation mode and ticking off the last few boxes to complete my placement. I had a great holiday with the perfect balance of a week away and a week at home. Just before the Easter weekend, I took a flight with my boyfriend to the beautiful city of Barcelona. It was a steady 25 degrees during the day with a bit of a chill in the evenings. We had a two minute walk from the hotel to the beach and a short metro ride to the main city. Perfect.

We visited Casa Batlló (pronounced buyo by the locals), famously built by Gaudi. I love how in Europe the tourist attractions are still open at 7 in the evening.

The house gave each visitor headphones attached to an iphone which gave a running commentary as you walked around each room and the roof. The headphones just happened to match our clothes, accidental style obviously....

The only slightly annoying part of Barcelona are the waiters who stand outside each restaurant and try to lure you in to eat. If anything, it puts me off wanting to eat there. Apparently both of us showed this sentiment on our face as one waiter yelled after us: WHY SO SERIOUS? It became our catchphrase for the holiday every time we walked past the cafes and restaurants. 

The highlight of my trip however was of course - a yarn shop!! While googling the main tourist attraction, I had to check if there was a yarn shop in the city. And there was! All You Knit Is Love was in one of Barcelona's multitude of tall narrow streets.

I was surprised the name was in English but from what I could understand I think one of the owners is American or English. The interior of the shop was gorgeous.The photos don't quite do it justice as it was difficult to capture the narrow space. 

The shop was really long with a tall ceiling. Yarn hung from every wall with recognisable brands such as malabrigo. In a glass cupboard just by the front door were multiple skeins of yarn hand dyed in Barcelona. As a souvenir yarn, this couldn't be any better - dyed locally and I genuinely liked the colourways on offer. I'm away on my placement but will post the yarn when I head home this weekend :)

TLDR; Barcelona is beautiful and has a great yarn shop

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Sunday 16 April 2017