Monday, 12 November 2018

On the needles - weekend WIPs and wanderings

After my post on Friday stating my amazing knitting plans, I have spent a lot of the weekend relaxing and doing other things.

I did all of two rows on the Jaycee cardigan.The gap between the two markers is the entirety of the knitting I completed last week.

I think the back and forth of the cardigan for so many weeks meant that I wanted to work on something ANYTHING else. So that's exactly what I did.

I finished the ribbing on Will's Christmas hat while watching a new-to-me podcast called Sew Perfect Purls.

I then finished a DK weight hat I started back in April as I needed the needles for the cable part of Will's hat. I love the bright splashes of colour and self-striping colourwork of the yarn. This is Adriafil Knitcol DK in colour 72 Velazquez fancy. It's the second one I have made this year and I just made up the pattern as I went along.

It's been really satisfying to have a finished hat and to work on a few different projects.

The weather this weekend has been really changeable. Going from this

to this

And back again within five minutes which means a lot of time indoors making yummy food.

It was gloriously sunny for more than a few minutes on Sunday. I was really glad as it meant that all the local Remembrance ceremonies could go ahead without a downpour. This year was the first year I haven't been part of the ceremonial side of Remembrance for around nine years. After holding a minute's silence and reflecting on all those who have gone before us, I decided the best way to honour their sacrifice is to celebrate every moment we have been given because of it. Living in a military city, you are always aware of the commitment and hard work that soldiers and sailors give to this day. Thank you.

I took advantage of the sun to travel across the local ferry to visit a friend.

For some reason the rusty ferry chains glinting in the light caught my eye and I had to take a photo.

My friend lives a short drive from the city but far away enough that her main view from her flat is this:

It was wonderfully quiet. I don't think I noticed how much noise is around me where I live in the city until it was taken away. Perfect. 

How was your weekend? Have a wonderful week!

Charlotte and Harvey x

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