Wednesday 14 March 2018

Unravel 2018 Stash Enhancement

Stash enhancement! A magical phrase for any knitter. Occasionally combined with a hint of guilt, naughty pleasure and always happiness.

Tuesday 13 March 2018

Unravel 2018

Edit: I thought this had been posted a week after Unravel so apologies for the delay! I blame my revision brain.

Now that the yarn fumes have faded a bit I thought I would mention my recent trip to Unravel in Farnham. What a great day! Farnham is in Surrey which is the opposite side of London to Hertfordshire where I live and takes around two hours to get there. So I hopped on a train around 9 and made my way down there. It was only three stops down that I realised I forgot my train knitting - oh no! Luckily I had updated my podcast app and instead listened to some great podcasters on the way. I would definitely recommend the Pom Pom Quarterly podcast from the magazine of the same name, Curious Handmade with Helen Stuart and The Knit Girllls. 

After a lovely coffee on the train I arrived at Farnham! To get to Unravel, the quickest route was through a local park and it was a rare day which almost felt like spring (if only we knew about the imminent snow!). There was a little stream to walk over: