Sunday, 20 May 2018

Monday already?

Where did that weekend go? It felt like Friday afternoon only happened five minutes ago. But on the plus side it's been a great few days and I'm off to Woollinn this Friday and I can't wait!

So what have I been up to?


I spent the entire morning clearing out the attic in the family home. It was like an archaeological dig back through the past 18 years we've lived in this house. After two trips to the local tip and one to the charity shop the attic is beginning to look emptier. One last go and I think it will be done!

After that, Mum and I headed into London to have a wander and meet up for dinner with my cousin Emily and her boyfriend. I made a new friend in a charity shop:

This is Roxy and she's two. She likes head scratches and sitting in her basket in the charity shop. I very nearly wanted to take her with me but I think she likes people watching in the shop.

The sun makes everything look nicer and I couldn't help myself from taking a photo of this shop and it's flowers.

 The pink really glowed in the sunlight. I think the shop sold jewellery judging by the photo but it didn't stand out against the shop front itself. It's funny how colour can bring different images to mind. This pink makes me think of bright wellington boots and rain macs. No idea why!

Along this same street are various statues guarding the doors of the shops. I would love to know the history behind them. It looks like they may have held a pole at some point?

I also spotted these beautiful art deco doors at the entrance of an apartment building. I was going to say flats but there was a doorman and a front desk which is posh enough to be called apartments I think?

We finished off the afternoon with some smoothies. Mine was called Iron Man because of all the spinach and kale and other healthy sounding stuff inside. Despite being a vibrant green, it tasted of peanut butter. Yum!

Saturday & Sunday

The rest of the weekend was spent either going through stuff to take to the charity shop or in the garden with some knitting and Harvey. My May socks for the Grocery Girls Socks bash are steaming along! The first one is finished and I'm halfway through the heel flap of the second. It's been too hot to knit on larger projects and socks are too small to overheat your legs while knitting. My Flax Light is on hiatus while I figure out how to knit with two balls of yarn without masses of tangles appearing. Any advice?

Harvey has mixed opinions on the sun. He prefers the shady bit under the garden table for an afternoon nap. 

How has your weekend been?

Have a great week x

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