Thursday, 3 May 2018

April - a month of Finished Objects

Now that I’m back in the UK with free time, I’ve been looking at all the projects gathering dust in various corners of my room. There are a few. Well more than a few and suddenly I couldn’t cast on something new without at least trying to finish some of them. I tried casting on a basic hat and I couldn’t without looking at my WIP pile! This had to change. So without meaning to, April has become the month of finishing things. 

The first WIP was my Feb socks for the Grocery Girl Sock Bash. I have no idea why I thought joining a knit-along during the lead up to exams was a good idea! I have now finished the first sock:

I knit it on 2mm 9 inch circulars called sock wonders by Addi. I started my sock knitting adventures on 9 inch circulars and wanted to see if I still like them. They’re certainly speedy although I had to get used to holding the small needle again. I’m still unsure if I’ll use them again. The yarn is of course West Yorkshire Spinners 4ply sock yarn in Pink Flamingo.

The second WIP was another attempt at monthly socks but for January. 

This is the lovely Simple Lace Socks pattern by Christine of the Winwick Mum. The pattern is available on her website and comes with an amazing tutorial with videos. I highly recommend all of Christine’s patterns. Link to the lace socks here. These socks taught me the importance of a lifeline even for simple lacework (post link). I had a few issues with my row counter app when I picked this WIP up again so there is a mistake where I started again. Oops! The yarn is in the colourway Purple Grape on Cascade 220 4 ply. 

Now I can hear what you’re saying - ‘But Charlotte these are single socks not pairs!’ And you’d be right. Second sock syndrome is an ongoing problem in my house. I’m pretty sure there’s a second sock anonymous group out there somewhere. Maybe it’s time to attempt two at a time socks...

The third and final WIP is not a sock! I can hear your sigh of relief from here. This is the Flax jumper by Tin Can Knits from their Simple Collection. This collection of patterns is aimed at helping beginner knitters learn new techniques and gain confidence. This is another free pattern with great tutorials for every step of the jumper pattern. Link here. I really enjoyed knitting this jumper and can’t wait to wear it. It has definitely given me confidence and I already have yarn set aside for the 4 ply version. I knit two mini versions of this for members of family. As in for babies not small family members. Although with 5’3'' considered tall among my aunts and cousins maybe the differentiation is necessary! I didn't do the garter panel on the sleeves after the shoulders and my gauge was tighter than the pattern called for. This has created a really warm jumper that looks less bulky than aran can sometimes look.  

As well as finishing pairs of socks I need to learn how to block my knits. With two shawls, a jumper, some hats and various socks, I think it’s about time. Any advice for blocking? I’ve heard that foam mats for children are cheaper than officially labelled blocking mats and do the job just as well. No idea where to look for blocking pins! 

How has your April been? Any projects you’re proud of? 

Charlotte and Harvey x

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