Thursday, 27 September 2018

Forgiveness and other things

Good morning! Now don't worry, this post isn't going to start with an apology for not posting for five weeks. The title of this post is a reminder that there is always time to forgive yourself. Whether it's cancelling things because you're tired, or because you need time to yourself. For running out of time for hobbies. Or for anything that you feel guilty about that you don't need to feel guilty for. Or myself for trying to juggle lots of different things and dropping a ball every so often. Recently it's been the blogging and knitting that have fallen out of the balance and have been overtaken by sleeping, eating and working (and repeat). I'm working strange shifts with long-ish hours (66 last week) and while I love the job, I have been finding it tough to make time for much else. On the positive side however, I have had some great social moments in the past five weeks! This post will mainly be a catch up of what I've been up to with a hint of knitting as well.

After a month away, I went home for a weekend. Harvey didn't leave my side until I had to leave again.

I'm trying to explore more of Plymouth when I have time off. This is a reproduction of a map of Plymouth from the time of Henry VIII.

This was the first of many dinners to celebrate my lovely Mum's birthday. This was at KuKu in Plymouth which has incredible Japanese food. Best restaurant in this city, hands down.

View from dinner number two! The views were pretty, the food was... ok.

We also explored William's Yard . This area used to be a fully functioning naval fort and is now converted into housing with shops and studios. There are always events here and it looks like they are trying to set up a range of art studios here as well which is exciting.

Next was Edgcumbe Manor (we had a laugh at the name) with beautiful grounds and an interesting stately house. The original manor was bombed in the Second World War and the family nearly went bankrupt trying to restore it. The Manor is now owned by Cornwall and Devon counties - not sure if it's National Trust? Inside the manor you can dress up and have your photos taken for free. So much fun!

Then, my best friend's Hen Do. Don't worry - no crude photos! In my rush to get to the airport I forgot to pack the veil for the weekend. Disaster! So, I made my own:

Take a tiara from Claire's accessories and a child's tutu and voila:

Somehow it was more special than the original veil I bought.

Then a quick trip to London for round two of Mum's birthday with my cousin:

And finally a Full Moon celebration dinner at my house! As a quick explanation, I have moved into a large eight bedroom shared house with people I hadn't met before. And I have been so lucky - everyone is friendly and chatty and great to be around. Three of my housemates are from China and one was going back. So to say goodbye and celebrate a Chinese tradition, they made incredible food and we had a great evening together.

I was about to hit post and realised I haven't put any knitting in this post! But I think it's long enough already. Today is a precious day off so I'm going to do some knitting and try and get it posted here at some point. 

Have a lovely day, Charlotte and Harvey x

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