Sunday, 19 August 2018

Sunday Sunday

Evening lovely people!

How are you? After just under a month in my new job/ city, I'm slowly getting used to the new routine and trying to fit things around work. I went for my second run which is helping me get to know the area. There is a local park with lots of sneaky hills that certainly test my lack of fitness! The sea front is only a 15 minute walk away:

It has been a mix of blue and grey skies but either is great here. If it's sunny you can walk along the front and if it's grey there are plenty of places for hot chocolate with a sea view. Last weekend, I had breakfast not far from the photo above and watched a group of swimmers head out into the sea. I'm not a confident swimmer so it amazes me when people go out into open water.

I took a trip to Dartmouth on Friday but I will leave that for another post. All I will show for now is my train knitting:

So onto knitting - I have been working on the Jaycee cardigan as you can see. And then a bit more:

The boyfriend scarf only has 4 inches to go!

I have swatched for the Floozy Cardigan but I need to re-swatch to get gauge. The main body is the same colour as the Jaycee cardigan but with red and white yarn for the colourwork section.

August Goals

1. Finish the boyfriend scarf - nearly!
2. Start the Jaycee cardigan (due mid September) - started
3. Start the Floozy cardigan for the Truly Myrtle KAL (start date 17th August) - need to re-swatch

Finished Objects 2018

This year started slowly due to placements and final year exams but I have got 6 finished objects this year so far:
1. Tequila Sunrise Socks - January
2. Nepal Hat - 3rd March
3. Jodi Shawl - 22nd March
4. Flax Jumper - 17th April
5. Vanilla Stripy Socks - 30th May
6. Colourwork Hat - 15th June

Works in Progress (WIPs)

Moorland blanket (Started December 2016)
Scrappy granny blanket - to use up scraps (June 2018)

Bunny (July 2016)
Green socks (December 2016)
Boyfriend Scarf (December 2016)
Easy Cable Socks (February 2017)
Stephen West Speckle and Pop Shawl (October 2017)
Easy Lace Socks (January 2018)
Valentine Socks (February 2018)
Summer Flax Light (April 2018)
Nepal Hat 2 (April 2018)
Mum's Jaycee Cardigan (August 2018)
Boyfriend Socks (July 2018)
I forgot to add last week:
Cosy Memories blanket (no idea when I started it!)

What are you working on at the moment? Have you joined any knit-alongs/ make-alongs?

Charlotte and Harvey x

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