Wednesday 20 June 2018

Finished Object - My first colourwork hat!

Afternoon everyone, just a quick post to say I finished a project! It's still really hot here, well for the UK anyway and it's been difficult to knit when you're already overheating. I have found that any small project made with 4ply yarn or lighter is manageable as you don't have a load of yarn covering your legs as you knit. You may have already seen a picture on my Instagram but I wanted to show it here too as it's my first real attempt at colourwork.

This is the Dorothy hat, which was a free kit included with a Knit Now Issue although I can't find which issue and it doesn't say on the pattern booklet. The yarn could have been used to make Dorothy and friends from the Wizard of Oz but I'm not a huge fan of knitting toys at the moment. I really appreciate being given an alternative pattern such as a hat or cowl to knit instead rather than having random small amounts of yarn sitting, gathering dust. Also that pom pom... Love it!

Here's a close up of the pattern:

It's designed by Kate Heppell, the editor of Knit Now magazine. I haven't blocked it yet but couldn't wait to take a photo! The hat came out a lot larger than expected so this might have to go to the boyfriend. He's already hinted that he likes the hat so it's lucky it came out so big!

Charlotte and Harvey x

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