Monday, 23 April 2018


Hi all!

Right now, at this very minute I should be in a car with a driving instructor re-learning how to drive after 10 years of using public transport. The lesson was meant to start at 12.30 and at 12.35 I got a slightly frantic call from my new instructor to tell me she had broken her finger and was off to the fracture clinic. It sounds like a minor break and she will be taking me out driving later this week. I could be disappointed right now but instead I feel like I have been gifted extra time today. And with this newfound free afternoon I know exactly what I should do - deal with the Clutter. With a capital C! You see, I am currently sat in my room writing this. Besides four years away for my first degree, this room has been mine since I was 12 and with that length of time and different stages of life involved, there is a lot of stuff in this room. There are all the books. Lots and lots of books which have spilled out into the hallway and the bathroom.

All the folders of knowledge from two different degrees. Which have been steadily gathering dust for quite a while. And next to those a growing stack of craft magazines that are regularly forgotten and rarely referred to.

There's also the sinkhole as I like to think of it under the lower window. This is full of half finished projects, old stuffed animals I can't quite let go of and goodness knows what else. There could be a trapdoor into Narnia under there and I would never know!

And on top of all of this stuff is everything in the wardrobe, my desk, a craft cupboard and in the attic which I'm too embarrassed to show. How can one person have so many things? Maybe I should be on that show hoarders... Finally though I have an incentive to go through everything. I am moving! Surprise! I have been offered a job in Plymouth on the south coast of the UK and have accepted it. And this means I can't take the Clutter with me and lots of things need to go. I discovered I have 35 unread books sitting in my room. 35!! So I'm going to put a knitting podcast on in the background, get some boxes and bin bags ready and get cracking! 

Have you got any advice for de-cluttering? And where do you take your unwanted things? 

Have a great Monday, Charlotte and Harvey x

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