Friday, 8 September 2017

One day to go - Great London Yarn Crawl 2017!

How is everyone? I am very excited that it’s finally Friday not just because it means it’s the weekend but also because tomorrow is the Great London Yarn Crawl!! I have mentioned the Crawl before (here and here) and am really looking forward to going to my second one. GLYC will be five this year and is a great way to explore different yarn shops in London with a group of like-minded people. Its split into different routes covering different shops and so allows you to explore different places each year. This year I’m going to be part of Team Bakerloo which will be going to Sharp Works, Loop, The Handweavers Studio and I Knit.

Sharp Works

Sharp Works is based in Herne Hill in London. I don’t know much about this shop and I’m looking forward to reviewing it after tomorrow. They have a website but it doesn’t show all their products. It appears to be a mix of yarn and haberdashery which is a nice mix. More after tomorrow!


I have been meaning to go to Loop for aaaages. Its not that far from my normal commute through London and it has been mentioned on quite a few podcasts previously. Loop sells a broad range of yarns including Brooklyn Tweed, Malabrigo, Madeline Tosh and many others including indie dyers. Loop hosts classes and a weekly knit night on Thursdays in their shop in Camden Passage, Islington. Check out their blog here.

The Handweavers Studio

Slightly different to most of the other shops in the Crawl, the Studio is aimed specifically for weavers. They sell cones rather than skeins and also have wheels and looms for sale. I have been here once before and they are really helpful and patient with new weavers! They run weaving and spinning classes and a weekly evening for general weaving with a teacher to help you. This is beyond my budget at the moment but I think would be an invaluable way to learn! The Studio is based near Finsbury Park station.

I Knit

Another new to me shop! Gerard the owner dyes yarn and also runs classes in the shop. The shop is a stone’s throw from Waterloo Station. That’s pretty much all I know except that they have a knit night on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

After the Crawl I’m hoping to give a bit more of a review of each shop and how the day went! After trailing around London there is a mini yarn market with 13 different stall holders. If you’re interested in the Crawl but haven’t got tickets this year, sign up to the Yarn in the City newsletter (here) for news about tickets for next year and their other event  - the Yarnporium. 

Have you got any plans this weekend? 


  1. Great to meet fellow a fellow NHS staff member yesterday.