Friday, 28 September 2018

Seaside Knitting

It's nearly the weekend! Admittedly I've had my weekend in the middle of the week and yet there's always something happy about Friday afternoon. Thursday was my day off this week and I don't return to work until this evening so I'm counting it as my weekend! After my post yesterday I headed outside and towards the sea front for lunch. It was deliciously warm, especially for this time of year in the UK. I had lunch right by the sea at The Terrace with a few little visitors sitting on my table.

They were close

And closer

And closer

Oh hi there! Right next to my plate. This little bird was very polite and ate bits of bread from my hand. I know it's not good for them but it tried to drag the whole slice with it so at least this way the bread was a manageable size. Puts a whole new meaning to eyes bigger than your head!

With my new friends happily munching away, I got my knitting out.

This is the ongoing Jaycee cardigan for my Mum made with 4 ply Darnie by Studio Donegal. Although this is a plain knit mostly, the yarn holds pattern details really well.

Then I sat a bit closer to the shoreline.

It is truly amazing to be sat in the sun at the end of September. Every open space was covered in people trying to get the last bit of sun before winter sets in. It's just as warm today and I think it might be time for another explore outdoors.

Charlotte and Harvey x

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